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Welcome To Adults Only Adverts web site where we will showcase different products and services.  The web site name, Adults Only Adverts, comes from the idea that not every site on the web has to be dealing with advertisements that are geared for children.  Our site is NOT intended to showcase, promote, or advertise adult entertainment (normally referred to as adult pornography) exclusively and will be considered for inclusion if the advertisement & promotional material is presented in a tasteful and professional manner.

Other products and services that you will see promoted and showcased on this site, but not limited to, will be casinos, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products.

New & Used Auto Parts

For all of the car enthusiasts and week-end mechanics, you need to check out Chuck & Eddie’s New & Used Auto Parts.  They are an online auto parts store that offers quality auto parts.  From the comfort of your own home, searching for auto parts has never been easier!

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The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner

Yes, it’s that time of year.  Once Labor Day has come and gone, and the kids are back to school it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.  October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, quickly followed by Christmas.  What to do for those holidays is a questions many of us ponder.  Do we really want to spend time baking or even standing in line at the bakery?  Of course not.  Why not shop at David’s Cookies?  Reasonably priced and delivered directly to you door.  Check out what David’s Cookies have to offer, David’s Cookies, Not Just Cookies, but Cakes, Brownies, Cheesecakes, Tarts and other Gourmet Desserts!

What if you’re diabetic?  Does that mean that desserts are off your list?  No, they are not. Get diabetic desserts from David’s Cookies.  And speaking of desserts, they have any kind you could desire, Cheesecakes,Brownies and crumbcakes, Layer and birthday cakes, and Chocolate truffle cakes just to mention a few items.

Besides Fresh baked cookies they also carry Gift baskets! And lastly, don’t forget about Halloween. No Tricks, Just Treats! Save 14% Sitewide at David’s Cookies! Use code SCARY2012. Exp 10-31-12


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Many of us are always looking for sources of inexpensive and bargain deals for printer ink & toner cratridges.  If you’re like us you are looking to save money.  In our search for deals we came across 1ink.com… a better way to buy ink!.  They can supply ink cartridges and toner for all of the major printers.  Here are some of the great deals you can find there:

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Online Gambling


We are pleased to announce a new service, AOA Online Gambling Reviews & Promotions. On this site we will review the different online gambling sites and present any promotions that they may be offering.  Check out our new site and let  us know what you think.

Additionally, we’d like to start by recommending a great blackjack site that give you one hour of FREE PLAY.  Just click on the image below.

blackjack ballroom

Need to Buy Ink for Your Printer & Save Money?

If you’re in the market for printer ink and want to save money then you need to check out 1ink.com (one ink). They’ve got some great deals for almost any kind of printer that you may own, Brother, Dell, Epson, HP just to name a few.

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